Out of the lunch box

I am taking the opportunity to have a healthy lunch out today. May is really misty in my area this year so all opportunities to go out when the sun is shinning are greatly appreciated.


The setup includes a MTR-5B, an EFHW antenna and a Single Palm Radio key. The radio is powered by 3 AA Li-ion cells which allow the MTR to run at full power.

IMG_4065[1]The log I am using is running on my Smartphone, which keeps me connected with the ‘Real Life’ – it is just a lunch break, not a full day out. I will have to come back to the office.


  • Time to set up the station: 4 min.
  • Time to pack it after operation: 3 min.
  • Operation time: 32 min
  • QSO: 14 spread over 6 DXCC entities

The final advantage with operating CW is you can eat while transmitting. 🙂

-- Download Out of the lunch box as PDF --

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