what happened to the weblog?

There have been no posts for awhile. I have been thinking about it and I still am not sure what will happen in the future.

The 2 weblog objectives are

  1. to give the people who are contacting me on the air some information about my station and what I am doing right now. This is filled in from my QRZ.COM page and through Twitter
  2. to post some information which could be useful to someone else. But when it was fine years ago, I first needed to remove the feed links because everything was copied by some ‘Gators’ with comments about the topics described I wasn’t able to track and answer. Now you have tons of web sites from amateur radio exposing their ham life. I do not participate to Facebook and I won’t replicate this here. Finally, I do not consider myself as a Subject Matter Expert and there are many locations where I can share my experience. It would be better for someone to retrieve the information from a specialized portal or web site rather than sorting what he is interesting in from the whole web.

So for the time being, you have here my archives. Let’s see what decision I’ll take in the future. -Say differently, if you want to copy the site for your own use, it is the time now 🙂

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